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Welcome to Marta O'Connor Skin Care Studio located in downtown Warwick, NY.

Marta O'Connor offers the BEST treatments and natural products on the market.  Marta specializes in facials, giving you a head-to-toe experience your skin will love. She customizes your treatments according to your skin type, age, downtime restrictions or any other factor that affects you. She aims to establish a long relationship with her clients based on trust and confidence.

Marta O'Connor only uses 100% pure products made from the highest quality plants, vegetables, fruits and oils from around the world. Marta's exclusive skincare line, is handmade with love and will feed your skin with essential nutrients and vitamins.

All questions are welcomed and encouraged to help achieve the highest level of satisfaction. A relaxing, comfortable experience will leave you feeling rejuvenated while gaining knowledge of what your specific skin care needs are.